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Cake & Lace

“Cake and Lace” was The Valentines first unofficial gig. Emily, modelled lingerie for Fraulein Annie (which by the way is the most exquisite lingerie range more about that later!) Frauke Nagel, who is the creator of Fraulein Annie was organising a Valentine’s Day Vintage Tea’ event and asked Emily if her and a few friends would like to sing. Hmm… an afternoon of singing vintage songs and eating copious amount of cake… what’s a girl to do? 

Having worked with Laura and Maria on previous projects, with the promise of macarons and cupcakes we all set about organising a set list of classic songs for the event. 

The afternoon tea party was called “Cake & Lace” held at the delightful Soho Secret Tearoom off Greek Street in the heart of Soho.

Video: Cake & Lace Performance Snippet

The performance was so much fun, we sang a few songs together, Bye Bye Baby, Why do Fools Fall In Love and we each sang a solo number. Laura delighted us with one of Frauke’s favourites “Falling in love again” Maria got her fan out and paraded around the tables with “Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps” and Emily gave a version of the Marilyn Monroe classic “I wanna be loved by you” (Boo boo bee do!)  

After the event, and after all the cake we could eat. We decided that we had such fun performing together that we wanted to make a go of continuing the group and building a set list of songs. We didn’t just want to do the classics (as beautiful as they are) we wanted to take on some current songs and add a bit of a retro take on them. So that was that. All we needed was a name…. Yes, I know we weren’t too original. Our first gig on Valentine’s Day … You do the Math! 
For any Lingerie fans you must check out lovely Frauke’s amazing range at Fraulein Annie it’s simply stunning and so comfortable too! You can see for yourself here…  Fraulein Annie

Photos by Claire Pepper 

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A close harmony girl group with a #vintage style & #retro sound. For bookings contact

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