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Good Luck Runners!

Less than 48 hours to the 2016 London Marathon. You can feel the nervous excitement in the air and all over social media. The carb loading is well and truly underway, you’ve been and stocked up on those hideous (yet all important) energy gels and you’ve got your number safely  pinned onto your running vest. Soon it will be all over and the months of training in the cold, wet, even icy conditions will seem a distant memory. Some won’t even believe that they actually did it…. well until they try and climb a flight of stairs on Monday.


Rest assured you are doing an amazing (albeit slightly crazy) thing by running the 26.2 miles around beautiful, and hopefully sunny, London.

 It is such an amazing event, to see so many runners all running for different charities and the spectators on the side lines showing huge support- not to mention the countless volunteers giving up their time to make the London Marathon such a special day. No matter how you are involved, it’s a wonderful experience showing you just how great us humans can really be. 
Emily ran the London Marathon for the last two years and enjoyed every gruelling minute of it. 

Mile 21

Here are a couple of Emily’s tips for anyone running…

  • Take it all in -it really is incredible and you don’t want to forget a second of it , even when you can feel those blisters burning at miles 17-19. You’ve got this!
  • Either put your name on your vest (or run by someone with the same name as you)  there is nothing quite like the satisfaction of hearing a bunch of people shouting your name.
  • Follow a nice bum (naughty… but its for a good cause right?)
  • Use the toilets at mile 14 under the tunnel. Both years there was no queue here! Oh and maybe don’t turn the light on 😁
  • Don’t worry about mile 22-26 the crowd will pull you around. These were some of my fastest miles.
  • It’s the absolute best seeing a face you know in the crowd so make sure you know before you start where your friends and family will be- take a photo of what you are wearing so they know what to look for as well (as there are so many runners and you want them to spot you!) 
  • Maybe invest in a pair of closed toe shoes for the summer, your toenails may have seen better days after you’ve crossed the line!
  • Keep smiling – you are being awesome!


This year we will be at Miles 14 and 21 (holding a giant orange monster balloon) and showing support to everyone running. In particular some of our friends… Sue, Josh, Leanne, Ryan and Laura. We applaud you!!! Good luck runners, you are heroes xxx

 Lots of love (and luck) The Valentines xxx



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