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I get by with a little help from my friends…

One of the best things about having your own business is you get to meet so many different people along the way. Having performed at various wedding fairs since we started The Valentines, we noticed that the wedding industry, much like the acting world, is vast, but everyone seems to know each other. You get to see a lot of the same faces at each event. Especially at vintage events. At our first Wedding fair we met Robin and Brandy ~ event organisers from The Robin Collective and we ended up performing for them at their Rodeo night at Bethnal Green’s Working Men’s club a few months later, which… lets just say was a very fun night!


We sang our favourite vintage country classics which included “Ring of Fire”, “Bye Bye Bye Love” and “These Boots are made for Walking”

Bethnal Green Rodeo

Over the next few months we met so many incredibly talented designers, photographers, cake makers, florists, event organisers … etc and we were asked to collaborate in a photo shoot that would help to promote a whole bunch of business’ in one day.

Collaboration is such an important part of business, it’s always great to help each other out and word of mouth is so important, isn’t it? For example, if I recommend a nice restaurant to my friend, she’ll go. You are more likely to use a supplier recommended to you, aren’t you?


So when we were asked by Darby and Joan Vintage to collaborate in a wedding photo-shoot for “Save The Date Magazine” We had an idea to document the day by making a little video diary, our music video diary. We chose the 1950’s classic Mr Sandman as it is such a dreamy little tune and we hoped Brides to be would connect with it . It was so much fun putting it together so we hope you enjoy it.

Mr Sandman

Of course we had an amazing day… we are just three friends who happen to have a singing group and sometimes we have to pinch ourselves…I mean we basically spent the day being silly, getting our hair and makeup done and dressing up in the most incredible wedding dresses.

We hope you like our video diary and if you need any more information about any of the suppliers you see in the video (listed below) then please get in touch, we’d be happy to help!

Lots of love, The Valentines xxx


*Additional photo by In Love With Photography



A close harmony girl group with a #vintage style & #retro sound. For bookings contact

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